Mobile finance app

Noded is a private finance app that helps you keep track of your money. You simply connect your financial services to Noded which automatically categorise and analyse your spending continuously over time.


Control your finances

Keeping track of your personal finances is a daunting task. At Noded, we want to make this more seamless for you, giving you the overview and analytics you need to spend less time on life admin and enjoy the things in life that are more rewarding. Life is too short.



The Noded timeline gives you the overview of your transactions from all your banks - combined. Easily analyse incomings vs. outgoings every month to ensure you set aside some money. At Noded we prefer that you do this yourself - we do not want to act as your savings bot.



Analytics that gives you a high level categorised overview, to help you track where you spend your money.



Add all your bank accounts and credit cards to get an aggregated view of all your accounts in one place. We are making this as easy as possible with Open Banking coming into effect this year.



Bank-level security

The protection of your data is our highest priority. All your data is pseudo-anonymised, encrypted and stored in certified UK data centres. Additionally, numerous security features protect your data.



Noded is meeting the highest standard in privacy legislation and is fully compliant with GDPR. Moreover, we ensure that your privacy is protected and only you have control over your money and data.


Q. Why use Noded? A. Noded was created so you can understand your money better. Understanding = smart decisions, meaning your ability to save, spend and understand your money better is unleashed.


Q. How does Noded work? A. Using cutting-edge technology, Noded provides an overview of your bank accounts. Smart insights enable you to track your finances and manage your overall spending. Use categories to see how much you’re spending on eating out, travelling or even on holidays. Then act upon it by setting budgets, monitor your subscriptions and look for better energy deals.


Q. Is Noded a bank? A. Noded is not a bank. We’ve combined trusted bank grade security and processes with innovative technologies to build Noded for you.