Privacy Policy

1. General

1.1. This privacy policy applies to Noded Limited, Company number: 10689943, Reg. office at 55 Institute place, London, E8 1JZ, UK, email: support (at), ("Noded") provides private finance services via an app or this website ("the Service").

1.2. To use the Service, you must be at least 18 years old and/or otherwise authorized to enter into an agreement and agree to be bound by this policy.

1.3. By creating an account and using the Service, you agree and agree that Noded collects and disclose information on your mobile phone, tablet or other equipment and processes your personal information in accordance with this policy. In order for Noded to be able to provide the Service, you agree to disclose information under paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, and other information regarding your personal economic circumstances that you have allowed Noded to access, which will also includes Noded's partners as per point 4.2.

1.4. You can revoke your consent at any time by terminating your account at Noded. You can terminate your account by selecting "Remove Account" or the corresponding function in the Service, or by contacting Noded. Noded will then delete or remove the possibility to identify you from the information that may be attributed to you, with the exception of any information that Noded is required to keep by law and for the time required, which usually is 5 years.


2. What information does Noded collect about you?

2.1. Noded collects and processes personal information about you when you create your account and use the Service, as well as what Noded is allowed from time to time through your external user accounts such as name, contact details, information about purchase transactions (amount, time, type of transaction payroll, occupation, existing credit, payment notes, income, employment date, existing monthly borrowing costs, monthly accommodation costs and any vehicles) as well as other financial information.

2.2. Noded may also retrieve information from third parties. The third parties to whom Noded retrieves data is available on Noded's website. By creating a Noded account, the user agrees that these providers disclose information to Noded and that Noded saves and processes the information for the purposes stated in this privacy policy. The user also agrees that Noded will disclose the user's personal data to the third parties identified above to the extent that it is necessary for the recipient to identify the user so that Noded can fulfill its service and obligations against the user and that these third parties are entitled to disclose information to Noded for the purposes stated in this privacy policy.

2.3. Your personal data is retained only as long as there is a need to preserve them to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected. Noded may save the data for longer if necessary to comply with legal requirements or to guard Noded's legal interests, such as if there is a legal process going on.


3. Why does Noded collect information about you?

3.1. Noded process your personal information for a variety of reasons. Mainly, Noded deals with personal data in order to provide, administer, develop and adapt the Service and its functionalities, to ensure customer awareness, to manage your customer relationship with you, and to comply with security and other statutory requirements. The data can also provide a basis for market and customer analyzes, market research, statistics, business monitoring and business and method development.

3.2. Noded further processes your personal information to provide better, more personalized offers and services. Personal data and positioning data may, for example, be processed, collated, segmented and analyzed to provide information, offers, or recommendations on own or collaborative goods and services tailored to the user's preferences, behaviors, needs or lifestyle.

3.3. If you do not want Noded to process your personal information for direct marketing, you can notify Noded in writing to


4. Third Parties

4.1. Noded may disclose or otherwise provide information about the user to Noded's partners. However, users should be confident that, with the exception of the cases described in 4.2 below, Noded's partners will not be able to identify a user because the information provided either contains name, social security number or other contact information and the partner through agreement has been committed not to interfere with the information with other records in order to reveal the user's identity. The partner may also not disclose the information to anyone without Noded's written consent. The information may only be used by the recipient in order to analyze the user's preferences, behaviors, needs, and lifestyles to develop new customer and market analyzes.

4.2. Personal data through which users can be identified as well as information that the user has a relationship with Noded will be handed out to Noded's partners if the user actively elects to proceed with this in connection with a featured offer of services from Noded's partners and thereby agreeing that the users informations privacy is lifted in this case to third party.

4.3. Personal information may also be disclosed if it is necessary to comply with applicable legal requirements or government requirements in order to take advantage of Noded's legal interests or to detect, prevent or pay attention to fraud and other security or technical issues. Noded may also disclose personal data to companies handling personal data for Noded's account, such as our IT suppliers, or to suppliers in Noded's partner network. However, it is always Noded who is responsible for processing your personal information correctly. The information Noded submits to partners in Noded's network is provided for marketing purposes only.

4.4. Your personal data may be transferred to or stored in a non-EU country. By creating a Noded account, the user agrees that the user's personal data is transferred and stored outside the EU / EEA.


5. Change of policy

Noded has the right to change this policy at any time. Noded shall promptly notify the user of any subsequent changes to the policy by reasonable notice via the website or app. If you do not agree to the changed terms, you are entitled to terminate the agreement with Noded before the amended policy enters into force. You terminate the agreement with Noded by terminating your account at Noded.


6. The protection of personal data

You should always be safe when you submit your personal information to Noded. Noded has therefore taken the security measures needed to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, change, and deletion.


7. Use of cookies

7.1. Noded’s Services on Noded's website and in the app use cookies and other techniques ("cookies") to work properly. Cookies are used for Noded to bring visitor statistics and to improve the experience for you as a user. Noded also collects, analyzes and interprets information about the user's preferences, behaviors, needs, and lifestyle for the purposes stated in point 3. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can configure your browser to not accept cookies. If you choose to set your browser to not accept cookies, Noded can not guarantee that the Service will work properly.

7.2. When downloading Noded's app on your mobile phone, tablet or another device, Noded needs to store and retrieve some technical information from the equipment in order for Noded to provide and update the Service. By downloading the app, you agree that Noded stores and retrieves certain technical information from the equipment. If you no longer wish Noded to store and retrieve the technical information, you must uninstall the app.


8. Contact information

8.1. Noded is personally responsible and is responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation. Once a calendar year you have the right, through a written signed application, to obtain a registry extract of what personal data is registered about you. You are entitled to this information for free. You also have the right, at any time, to request that we either correct, block or delete personal information that is incorrect. Noded will, at your request or own initiative, correct the information found to be incorrect or misleading.

8.2. Do not hesitate to contact Noded if you have any questions about processing your personal information or want to request a registry extract. Our contact information can be found under item 1.1.